1. All games, except the finals will be played with a strict 2 hour time limit. No inning can start after two hours. The umpires and staff will keep time.
    1a. All 14U games will be played under NHFS rule except mound trips will be Major League one trip per inning the 2nd trip of the inning the pitcher has to come out.
  2. The home team in all games will be determined by a coin toss. In playoff games the higher seeded team will have the option of choosing to be the home team or away.
  3. All pool games that are tied after 7 innings or the 2 hour time limit will be recorded a tie. A tie is equal to a ½ win and ½ loss for each team.
  4. Playoffs: 4 teams will advance to the playoff round the top entire field will be seeded 1-4. The remaining teams will play in the Silver Bracket.
  5. Forfeits: All games must be started with at least 9 players. A game can be finished with 8 players. Once a team establishes it has 8 players it must finish the game with 8 players. The player leaving the original lineup can not return and his spot in the hitting lineup will be recorded as an out! In case of forfeit the winning team will be awarded a winning score of the average runs they scored in all of their pool games vs “0” runs allowed. The losing team will be recorded a 10-0 loss. Any intentional forfeit will result in the forfeiting team being eliminated from the tournament. The tournament committee will rule on intentional forfeits. No team should benefit from the result of a forfeit in an unfair manner. This rule could result in a dispute and the tournament committee reserves the right to look at and rule in the fairest possible way. The committee’s decision will be final! Note: Any team not on the field and prepared to start the game, at game time will give cause for immediate forfeit.
  6. Taking Infield: Due to possible time constraints there will be no pregame infield.
  7. Official Game: A 4 inning game is deemed to be official if the home team is ahead after 3 ½ innings or the visitors are ahead after 4 complete innings. A tie game is considered official after 3 complete innings.
  8. Hitting Lineup: Can consist of 9, 10 or 11 batters. The lineup must stay with 9, 10 or 11 batters (whichever is used) for the entire game. Two EH’s can be used and will be treated like a position player in the game and can change positions and enter the game. A DH can also be used for any player.
  9. In case of rain: All rain out games may not be made up depending on time constraints. In case of scheduling changes it is the team’s responsibility, not the tournament committee, to make sure they are aware of the new schedule or any scheduling changes. This information will be posted at the site when it becomes available. Note: No special requests will be honored if rescheduling becomes necessary. All coaches should make sure they have the tournament phone numbers to call for information. If games are cancelled the tie breaking procedures (listed below) will determine playoff teams and championship qualification. In the event play is stopped for any reason before or during the Championship round, first place, second place, third place, etc will be awarded using the tie breaker rules (see tie breaker rules below). Please see our website, for any scheduling changes or notifications. Please do not call staff’s cells unless it is last option.
  10. Protests: Protests will be heard and ruled on by the tournament committee. The team protesting must make cash payment of $400 at the time of the protest. If the protest is ruled in the protesting teams favor the $400 will be refunded. The ruling made by the committee will be final. All forfeiture monies will be donated to charity.
  11. Roster and Roster Changes: Teams may change their roster up until they start their first game. After that time there will be no roster changes. If a player is listed on more than one roster, the player listed will make a decision as to which roster he is legally on. The decision is up to the individual player. No player can appear in a tournament game for more than one team.
  12. Age Requirements: A player’s age is determined by using the following date: May 1, of the current year. 
  13. Sportsmanship: In the interest of maintaining a quality event, the tournament committee reserves the right to eject a person from the site for unruly or unsportsmanlike behavior. Any coach or player who is ejected for the second time during the tournament will be eliminated from participating for the remainder of the tournament.
  14. There are no cash refunds offered for rainouts, game cancellations or forfeits, only future tournament credits will be given.
  15. Mercy Rule 12 runs after 3 innings 10 after four innings and 8 runs after 5 innings
  16. Not Covered in the Rules: In the event any item is not covered in the rules, the tournament committee will make the fairest possible ruling and the ruling will be final!


System used for advancing and seeding out of pool play.

  1. Pool play overall record (winning percentage)
  2. If two teams are tied – Head to Head winner
  3. If three teams are tied – If one team has defeated both other teams, that team advances. If not go to #4
  4. Total runs allowed in pool play.
  5. If still tied – Run differential
  6. If still tied – Total runs allowed subtracting game with most runs allowed in pool play
  7. If still tied – Total runs allowed minus two games with most runs allowed in pool play
  8. If still tied – Runs scored inning by inning starting with first game until one team has more runs after a complete inning starting with pool games.
  9. If pool play ends early due to poor weather we will go to best winning percentage to determine the bracket standings. A minimum of 2 games must be played in pool play to be eligible for the playoff round.

Championship Play

  1. NO time limit will be used in the championship game. All other Championship round games will have the 2 hour time limit. If tied after 2 hours in championship play the California tie breaker will be used
  2. Higher seed will be the home team.
  3. The Mercy Rule is in effect.


Coach, Player & Fan Sportsmanship

Batter Up Baseball has many years of experience in the youth sports industry and it is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY that players, coaches & fans experience baseball at it’s very best during every Batter Up Baseball tournament. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for disrespect to each other, umpires, guests and staff on and off the field. We expect EVERYONE who attends Batter Up Baseball Tournaments to handle themselves in a manner that displays good sportsmanship and sets a good example for every ball player and participating team. We will not tolerate coaches, players or fans acting out or displaying what we consider unsportsmanlike conduct. Such conduct will result in removal from the game and/or the tournament at the discretion of an Batter Up Baseball Tournament director. It is our responsibility to our guests to maintain a fun and positive baseball experience. 

Coaches: it is your responsibility to enforce the code of conduct to your players and fans.

Promote good sportsmanship, both on and off the field.

  • Any Player, Coach, or team personnel ejected from a game will be suspended for the next game as well.  We ask that all Head Coaches monitor and lead their programs in a professional manner. 

Batter Up Baseball has final say on appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

Coaches, please remind your players to respect the upkeep and beauty of the baseball fields and facilities at Batter Up Baseball. 

Please Note: These rules are not all inclusive. Common sense should be used at all times: Violations of these Rules may lead to team or individual suspension from tournament play and/or park activities. Parents and family guests of Batter Up Baseball assume all risk and danger of personal injury, losses, damages to person or property and all hazards arising from or related in any way to, the events at Batter Up Baseball that they are attending. 

Batter Up Baseball management reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly or who fails to comply with the rules and regulations of Batter Up Baseball.